Expressing Wishes in Serbian

If you’d like to say that you’d like to visit some place in Serbian you can use a set of different phrases for expressing wishes.

I’ll add the level of formality next to the each phrase, and the translation, so that you can have an idea when to use them-

(I stands for “informal”, SF stands for semi-formal and F stands for formal)

* I’ll/want to see the city centre = Hoću da vidim centar grada. I

* I want to see the city centre = Želim da vidim centar grada. I

* I’d like to se the city centre = Želeo (Masc.) / Želela (Fem.) bih da vidim centar grada. SF

* I’d love to see the city centre = Voleo /Volela bih da vidim centar grada. SF

* It would be wonderful if I could see the city centre = Baš bi bilo divno ako bih mogao/mogla da odem da vidim centar grada. F

Choose the appropriate level of formatlity for the following situations:

a. when you are talking with a friend

b. when you are in an official visit

c. when you are talking with your in-laws

and practise saying these phrases in Serbian, while watching this video.

Food Vocabulary in Serbian

Serbian lesson about food


Listen to this video and practise the following:

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”Vh74i-npMgc”]

Useful ” food phrases ” when learning Serbian:

Part one:

[quote]Nisam spreman! [/quote]

[quote]Nemoj to da te brine[/quote]

1. (Sg. Fem.) Supa nije spremn

2. (Sg. Neut.) Pečenje nije spremno

3. (Sg. Masc.) Sos nije spreman

Part two:

Za ovaj recept nam treba:

[quote] Jedna rotkva, dva celera, biber… [/quote]

Food vocabulary in Serbian

  1. so = salt
  2. biber = pepper
  3. brašno =flour
  4. voda =water
  5. pirinač = rice
  6. šargarepa = carrot
  7. luk = onion
  8. meso = meat
  9. piletina = chicken
  10. junetina = calf
  11. govedina =veal
  12. svinjetina = pork
  13. ovčetina = mutton
  14. jagnjetina =lamb
  15. začin = spice

Learn Serbian with Cartoons

Душко Дугоушко и снежни човек

Први део: First part 

Пречица  – shortcut

Рекао сам ти да кренемо…  – I told you we should head towards…

Налазимо се у планинама званим… – We are in the mountains called …

Па то је у Азији! – So that’s in Asia!

Хајде да… – Let’s…

Учини ми нешто – Do something for me

Остани ту – Stay here

Проучи наш положај – Check where we are

Чувај се – Take care

Други део*:

1. управо оно што сам увек желео да имам = this is exactly what I wanted to have!

2. назваћу га Ђорђе = I will call him Djordje

3. мазићу га = ја ћу га мазити = I will cuddle him

4. грлићу га = ја ћу га грлити= I will hug him

5. пазићу га = ја ћу га пазити = I will take care of him

6. волећу га = ја ћу га волети = I will love him

7. тепаћу му = ја ћу му тепати = I will coo over him

8. никад се неће осећати одбачен = он се никада неће осетити одбачен

= he will never feel rejected

Трећи део:

Толико сам тражио и тражио = I’ve been looking for you

Више никад нећу видети свог малог зеку = I will never see my little bunny any more!

Ако га волиш, он ће се вратити  = If you love him, he’ll be back

* try to make the same sentences for “her” and for “you”



Songs for Children in Serbian

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”kmqEd1GbE4I”]

Kad __  srećan lupi tada dlan o dlan
Kad si srećan lupi tada dlan o ____
Kad si srećan i ___ želiš s drugim delit sreću svu
Kad si _____ lupi dlanom ti o dlan

Kad si srećan prstima pucketaj ___
Kad ____ srećan prstima pucketaj ti
Kad si srećan i kad _____  s drugim delit sreću svu
_____ si srećan prstima pucketaj ti


Introductions in Serbian


Watch this funny excerpt from the cartoon and try to recognize Serbian introductory phrases and words such as:

  1. hteti = want to
  • hoću da = I want to
  • hoćeš da = you want to
  • hoće da = he/she/it wants to
  • hoćemo da = we want to
  • hoćete da = you want to
  • hoće da = they want to
  1. upoznati = meet / introduce
  2. upozna = (whole world = they) meet
  3. zar + biti = isn’t it:
  • zar nisam = ain’t I ?
  • zar nisi = aren’t you ?
  • zar nije =isn’t it ?
  • zar nismo = aren’t we ?
  • zar niste =aren’t you ?
  • zar nisu = aren’t they ?
  1. moj = my / mine
  2. nov = new
  3. sin = son(masculine)
  4. ćerka = daughter (Feminine)
  5. mama = mother (Feminine)
  6. tata =father (Masculine)
  7. dete = child (Neuter)
  • moj sin = my son
  • moja ćerka = my daughter
  • moje dete = my child
  • moje pilence = my little chicken
  • moje najslađe pilence = my cutest little chicken
  1. ikada =ever
  2. videti = to see
  3. video = you’ve seen
Try to figure out what the following phrases from the cartoon mean:



Hoću da ceo svet upozna mog novog sina.

Bata Zloćo, ovo je moj novi sin.

Zar nije najslađe pilence koje si ikada video ?


How would you introduce your members of the family ?


Serbian Phrases for Tourists

Listen to the cartoon and practise these phrases for tourists:

1. Dobro jutro moje dame.
= good morning my ladies
2. Možete li mi pokazati nakraći put do… ?
= Can you show me the shortest way to…?
3. Ništa ako ne znate.
= Doesn’t matter if you don’t know.
4. Da znate da danas više ne grade ovako solidno.
= It’s true that they don’t built such solidly nowadays.
5. Izvinite što vas uznemiravam.
= Sorry for bothering you.
6. Pogrešno su me uputili.
= They gave me wrong directions.
7. Gde li je telefon ? Hteo sam da zamolim za telefon.
= Where is the telephone? I wanted to ask for a telephone.
8. Mora da ste glavni kelner.
= You must be the chef.
9. Grof Avetić Vam je na usluzi.
= Count Spooky is available for you.
10. Oh, da. Izvolite ovuda.
= Oh, yes. This way.
11. Mnogo vam je lepo ovde – vrlo interesantan dekor – domaća atmosfera – ugodno i zgodno za rekreaciju.
= It’s so nice to be here – Very interesting interior design –  domestic atmosphere – cosy and convenient for recreation.
12. Ovo je vaša soba.
= This is your room.
13. Ja želim telefon.
= I want a telphone.
14. Prvo se odmorite.
= Have a rest first.
15. Pozvoni ako ti nešto zatreba.
= Call me if you need anything.
16. Nemoj se ustručavati.
= Feel free to …
17. Nadam se da im je restoran još otvoren.
= I hope that the restaurant is still open.
18. I još jedan.
= One more
19. Trebalo bi da povedu računa o ovome.
= They should take care of…
20. Ja sam …
= I am
21. Pogledaj
= Take a look
22. Kako romantično!
= How romantic
23. Možete da otkažete poziv
= You can cancel the call

Serbian Phrases – At the Doctor’s


  1. Šta se ovo događa ? = what’s happening?
  2. Krvarim    = I’m bleeding
  3. Upomoć!  = Help
  4. Brzo dovedi lekara = Quickly, fetch the doctor
  5. Brže, brže = faster, faster
  6. Agonija =  agony
  7. Doktor = lekar = doctor/physician
  8. Redovni pregled = regular check-up
  9. Otvorite usta = open wide
  10. Recite “aaaa” = say “aaaa”
  11. Gadno izgleda = (it) looks terrible
  12. Daj da ispitamo reflekse = let us check your reflexes
  13. Nije loše  = not bad
  14. Vidite li … = can you see …
  15. Tako je = that’s right
  16. Toga sam se i plašio = I was afraid of it
  17. Imam čudotvoran lek = I have a miraculous medicine
  18. Prosto će te preporoditi = it’ll make you feel like a newborn
  19. Dobro promućkaj lek pre upotrebe = shake the medicine well before usage
  20. Opustite se = relax
  21. Prva sećanja su… = the first memories …
  22. Imao sam samo 3 godine… = I was 3 year-old…




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