When to Use Verb To Be in Serbian?

The verb TO BE in Serbian

When used as the main verb, with the meaning “to exist”, this verb is used with:

  1. Nouns : Ja sam Marina. Ja sam profesor engleskog. Ja sam majka. Jeremija je otac. On je inspektor.
  2. Adjectives: Ja sam srećna. On je star. Ljudi su srećni.
  3. Preposition + noun (place): Mi smo na poslu. Vi ste kod kuće. Jeremija i Marina su u Novom Sadu.
Ja sam Marina = I am Marina

In this first lesson you will learn how the verb TO BE (biti) works in Serbian. The basic short form is as follows:

  • Ja sam
  • Ti si / Vi ste
  • On je
  • Ona je
  • Ono je
  • Mi smo
  • Vi ste
  • Oni su
  • One su
  • Ona su

For further explanation, pronunciation and exercises watch this 9 minute video:


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