Serbian Courses

Serbian 101 Video Course

  • 60 video lessons, which is more than 4 hours of content, with detailed grammar and vocabulary explanations for each mini topic
  • follow-up classroom practice videos with which you start making short sentences in Serbian from the very start (speaking )
  • follow-up written exercises with an instant feedback (writing & grammar)
  • simple video texts based on the previously taught vocabulary, together with the follow-up exercises (listening / reading comprehension)

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    Serbian 102 Video Course

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    Serbian 102 is perfect for false beginners and pre-intermediate students in Serbian. It is organized in such a way that you can either follow it chronologically, or choose only the topics you are interested in. Each topic consists of an explanatory video lesson and then video exercises with links to follow-up quizzes with instant feedback. 

    There are more than 100 lessons making well over 8 hours of content and exercises which take you from elementary to pre-intermediate level, covering:

    as well as basic:

    Serbian Lessons

    Zgrada u Beogradu

    Serbian Activator

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    Songs with Exercises

    free e-book for learning Serbian
    Learn and Sing

    Right mouse click leads you to the exercises with answers!